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A new Chrome Extension is in the works, and will be released when done. This feature-rich extension will give users a whole new experience with, as it will supply you with functions that allows for easy access to a lot of functions.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • Download link on all archived videos
  • Last 5-10 archive videos directly beneath the video embed
  • Extended info on bitrates, video resolutions, audio codec etc. Website is up!

PrimusGamer, 10-1-2012

The website is finally up and running. After some harsh nights of coding custom services for the website, it turned out great! The process of getting to where it is right now was long as tedious. Filled with trial and error, as the forum software used is not the best available. At least not when it comes to developing plugins.

Services created by me:

  • Giveaway script
  • Gallery
  • Subscriber to migration Info Sections

PrimusGamer, 10-1-2012

CilantroGamer Info Section
D347HxD Info Section

Made info sections for CilantroGamer and D347HxD

Click the images above to see the full view of their info sections.