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Making things work since 2007
Who we are, can be defined by the work we put into the simple things in life. You may think you know someone, but do you really?

About PrimusGamer

Who is PrimusGamer?

I'm 24 years old. I'm from Denmark in Europe, where i live close to the countrys capitol, Copenhagen with my girlfriend Maria, and our two dogs Kiyoh and Lilo.

I run a business in which i do graphics and programming, project consulting and more. Currently i'm developing my programming skills through education, where i'm also grabbing some high level subjects such as math, english and communication/it, just because why not.

Why "Primus" ?

First off, it has nothing to do with Transformers. Primus means "first", so basically my name means First Gamer. Just had a nice ring to it back in the day when i was gaming a lot.

What kinds of programming can you do?

Little bit of everything. Some more than others. I specialise in HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL though some would say that those are not programming languages as such.

I'm still learning JavaScript, but as they say, you never learn anything by sitting back reading about it. I constantly try to further develop my skills, by setting goals for myself. Latest goal was for me to make a working Chrome Extension, which taught me a lot

I'm fairly good with Visual Basic, ActionScript 3.0 and the likes too.

Any other skills?

I'm an educated Media Designer from RTS Denmark, so i'm fairly good with graphics (mostly printed materials though). I love math, as it comes natural to me, and never really gave me any trouble, which means i'm fairly good at math too.

Image manipulation is probably my strongest category within the graphic realm, but not too many people need fake images these days *winkyface*

Math, economics, marketing and consumer/customer relations are what i would consider being my specialty outside of the programming